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Yacht rent Pershing



Day €2000
Size: 15m
Power: 2x800hp
Capacity: 10

Bold and defiant, the Pershing 6X embodies the Pershing predatory spirit, with her taut, agile forms and cutting-edge tech. A blast of power with a 48-knot top speed, she’s primed to run rings around the rest and poke fun at convention. Drinks on the boat are included

Yacht rent



Day €1000
Size: 12m
Power: 500hp
Capacity: 12

Powerful, showy and thrilling, these boats are all about getting places – at speed. Perfect for short day cruises, weekends away or just opening the throttles at sea for the sheer joy of it.
Drinks on the boat are included

Yacht rent Cobalt



Day €900
Size: 11m
Power: 2x320hp
Capacity: 12

Cobalt can be ideal for families that enjoy fishing and day cruising yet also want overnighting abilities. Cobalt has a large, open aft cockpit where you can swing a rod or set a trolling spread, but the bow is enclosed and provides sleeping accommodations and weather protection.

Barracuda rent



Day €390
Size: 7-9m
Power: 150-250hp
Capacity: 8-10

Perfect for larger groups, families with kids, or couples who want comfort, style and unrivaled performance. Barracuda is an ideal boat for an all-day trip thanks to its convenience and stability on the sea.

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