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Running a boat and yacht charter agency for the last 15+ years has made us experts in this industry. We provide you with quality advice and recommendations while finding the best offers for you.

The safety and satisfaction of each of our guests were always our first priority, therefore we drove over 50,000 guests and showed them all the beauties of the Adriatic islands.

If you want to book a charter of one of our yachts, a short stay or if you have any special requests – just ask us! We adapt the offer to your wishes and needs and our agents are always ready to prepare and recommend the best for you and your group.

Professional and highly trained captains and crew who will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe during your entire stay on board.


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Blue Cave Tour

About Hvar

The beautiful island of Hvar has the most hours of sunshine per year, which places it at the top of the scale of the sunniest island in Europe. Proudly bearing this epithet, the island of Hvar is not only that. Its mild Mediterranean climate, warm winters and pleasant summers attract numerous guests, whether on vacation or business trips. A rich cultural and historical heritage that goes back to distant history, beautiful beaches, authentic family farms and taverns, crystal clear sea, accommodation from apartments to luxury hotels does everything to make you feel welcome and comfortable here as a guest and guaranteed to remember your vacation on Hvar. Hvar tourism celebrated 150 years of its existence in 2018.

A unique combination of beautiful natural landscapes, the smell of pine trees, the chirping of birds, stunning architecture, lavender fields and its traditions that are nurtured on the island, the rich gastronomic offer of Hvar’s restaurants gives every guest the opportunity to really relax here and absorb everything they need.

We invite you to explore this unique island that offers everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

About Us

For some, the sea is in their blood, and we are no exception. As a Hvar Speedboat & Yacht rental, we offer transfers, private tours, and group tours around Hvar.

Continuing the skipper family tradition, Tomi Šego manages the largest fleet of ships and yachts in Hvar from his base in front of the Amfora Hotel.

Šego rent is the only official speedboat partner for Suncani Hvar hotels.

With the largest and most luxurious fleet on the island, we are preferred associates of many villas and other hotels for the purpose of transportation and unforgettable boat trips.

Grateful for the trust we have shown, we are committed to each guest individually and take our responsibility seriously, providing efficient and reliably able service.


There are three ways to reach Hvar by sea: catamaran, ferry, or by private taxi boat. By taking the catamaran or ferry it will take 2 – 3 hours and cost approximately 50€-100€ per person. Alternatively, you may instead choose to book a private taxi boat, which can arrive within 1 hour from the airport. These boats range in size and luxury: a small boat will cost approximately 500€; a more luxurious boat will cost 1800€.

An average boat taxi transfer from Split to Hvar costs 500€ – 1800€. The price factors are your starting position(town or airport) and the type of boat you choose.

On Blue cave group tour we reccomend to bring: swimsuit, identity documents, sunglasses and suntan lotion, beach towels, chill vibes and good mood 🙂

Swimming inside Blue cave is not an option. 

But, you can swim in Green Cave. 

Of course, everybody are welcome onboard, no metter you are swimmer or not. We provide life jackets on the boat for those who do not feel safe.

We would like to add that we have also had cases where our dear guests were non-swimmers when they joined the tour, and by the end of the tour they were swimming. A wonderful experience for them and for us because we witnessed it!

All our larger ships from the fleet go with a skipper. The exception is the Rib Baracuda dinghy, which you can rent without a skipper, but you must have a boat license.

Fuel consumption depends on the type of ship you want to spend your day on. Larger ships consume between 50 – 70 L per hour, and smaller ones between 20 – 40 L per hour.

During a private boat tour, check in is at the earliest at 9am, and check out at 7pm. Considering that we pay close attention to the satisfaction of our guests and the experience we offer them, private tours are flexible in both hourly rates and itinerary.